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We meet at 5:45pm in Church Street car park (postcode SN11 0EN - vehicle access is via Carnegie Mews on the A4) and set off as soon as all collectors have arrived, ideally no later than 5:55pm. We finish collecting around 8pm, and then return to Church Street car park.

For the safety of collectors and the general public please adhere to the following guidelines;

• All collectors must have registered in advance on this online Santa Diary to be able to go out collecting on any given night

• If your availability changes and you are no longer able to go out collecting that’s absolutely fine, but please cancel via this online Santa Diary or call / message Christina on 07842 402 672 before 5:45pm, to enable someone else to potentially take your place

• Under 18’s will unfortunately not be able to come out collecting

• If you choose to travel on the Santa Sleigh you do so entirely at your own risk - anyone wishing to travel in the towing vehicle is very welcome to do so

• Under no circumstances is anyone to mount or dismount the Santa Sleigh without the permission of the banksman

• Collectors need to be physically fit enough to walk a few miles each evening at a reasonable pace

• Remember to dress up warmly - hat, coat, gloves & scarf are recommended. The more Christmassy the hat the better!

• If you are able to supply your own hi-vis then please do so. Anyone who does not have their own hi-vis will be issued with one, please remember to bring this with you each time you go out collecting

• Some areas are very poorly lit, so it is advisable to bring your own torch

• Wear footwear suitable for walking and potentially icy weather

• Please discourage people from approaching the Santa Sleigh

• Any trips, falls or incidents are to be reported to the banksman immediately - these will be recorded in the accident book

By booking on via the Santa Diary you give consent and grant permission for Calne Lions to take and use photographs and/or electronic media images for publication on the Calne Lions website and/or Facebook page. You may revoke this consent by notifying Christina Barnfather in writing ( The revocation will not affect any actions taken before receipt of the written notification